Data Production and Process Management Software


Data Production and Process Management Software


Help secure credential issuance programs reach full production speed more quickly with Datacard® Data Production and Process Management (DPP) software. Whether you are managing a start-up or enhancing an existing program, this software enables fully integrated control over the data required for personalisation and post-production activities.

  • Eliminate redundant and manual processes
  • Expect compatibility with Datacard® issuance systems
  • Integrate new modules as programs change
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Complete data and process management
Data Production and Process (DPP) Management  software securely collects data from multiple sources in a variety of formats, then merges the data and readies it for the card personalisation process. The software interfaces directly with cryptographic devices and certificate authorities to generate encrypted data for smart card personalisation.

Automated operation
Operation is fast, secure and fully automated. The software links a unique record number in the audit file with the personalisation data. After personalisation, operators can check the database to ensure information has been added to the card correctly.

Modular design
Modular flexibility allows issuers to configure the software for specific program requirements, quickly and easily. New modules can be added easily as programs change, ensuring investment protection and maintaining continuity.

Customizable modules
Software development kits (SDKs) allow developers to build and write a Dynamic Link Library (DLL) for customizing any of the modules.

Broad compatibility
DPP software is compatible with all Datacard® high-volume and desktop card and issuance systems. It also supports other brands of equipment.

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