Affina Issuance Platform Software


Affina Issuance Platform Software


Datacard® Affina® smart card software gives card issuers the power to easily create an in-house smart card program which can measurably increase control, enhance security and minimize costs. Every component of the software package works together seamlessly. The modular design accommodates the unique needs and specific business strategies of every card program.

  • Maintain control and increase security in your smart card program by keeping it in-house
  • Minimize costs with a flexible, modular design and fast, simplified deployment
  • Leverage your current investment by utilizing your existing infrastructure and equipment
  • Simplify EMV migration
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Seamless integration
Datacard solutions are built on open standards, which protects your investment and makes it easy to expand your issuance infrastructure when your smart card program grows

Modular design
The modular design makes is easy to configure a solution that aligns with the unique needs and specific business strategies of your smart card program.

Post Issuance Capabilities
Our solution offers a full range of post-issuance functionality, including adding or upgrading applications, replacing lost cards and generating usage reports


Affina® Data Preparation Software
Our data preparation software accepts magnetic stripe data from a host system and converts it into encrypted smart card data for the personalisation process. It also generates keys you need to protect data and allows you to manage standard risk parameters. Choose either batch or one-step processing modes.

Affina® One-Step Issuance Software
This solution integrates the power and capabilities of our data preparation software and Syntera CS hosted smart card software. You can use your existing network environment and mainframe connectivity, so there is minimal impact on your IT department.

Affina® Profiles and Scripting Software
We offer Affina® profiles and scripting software for smart card issuers looking to build cost-effective development and personalisation environments. Open standards keep development costs low and make it easy to develop and launch new smart card-based products in the future.

Affina® MULTOS™ Issuance Software
We offer the issuance software you need to quickly and easily personalize MULTOS-based smart cards.

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