Adaptive Issuance Key Manager Software


Adaptive Issuance Key Manager Software


Datacard® Adaptive Issuance™ Key Manager Software brings security, simplicity and efficiency for data preparation and smart card issuance. This software delivers everything you need to securely manage keys throughout every step of the issuance process. Developed with strict adherence to best practices and industry standards, our software can be leveraged for a wide range of applications and gives you the flexibility and efficiency to manage multiple keys. 

  • Maintain security with two separate levels of user access control to the Adaptive Issuance™ Key Manager software and hardware security module.
  • Increase the integration speed of Key Manager software with built-in support for leading HSMs.
  • Help ensure reliability with load balancing and failover protection.
  • Add HSM’s quickly and easily to scale as your business needs change.
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Higher Performance
Improves security, functionality and efficiency for cryptographic operations during all issuance steps. Offers load balancing and failover protection.

Greater Flexibility
Supports magnetic stripe data calculations, chip data preparation, personalisation and validation.

Enhanced Processing
Eases user authentication, simplifies key management tasks and supports certificate handing for major payment applications.

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