MX2100 Card Issuance System


MX2100 Card Issuance System


Pitting cost against capabilities can present some difficult trade-offs — but you don’t need to compromise long-term profitability for short-term savings. The Datacard® MX2100™ card issuance system is the most affordable high-volume solution offering true field modularity. Start with the capabilities you need today, and add features and capacity as your operation grows. Combine the MX2100 system with the Datacard® MXD210™ card delivery system and the Datacard® MXi210™ envelope insertion system for a complete card-to-envelope solution.

MX2100 Card Issuance System

  • Protect your investment with true field modularity
  • Minimize costly errors with inline quality assurance
  • Gain speed and economy in small job processing or longer runs

MXD210 Card Delivery System

  • Increase throughput by printing card carriers and affixing up to four cards to the carrier, completely inline
  • Maintain data integrity and reduce human error with automated bar code verification
  • Print on demand completely inline to increase throughput

MXi210 Envelope Insertion System

  • Improve productivity and efficiency by leveraging inline envelope insertion and sealing
  • Enhance security by completing your mail package inline and minimizing the risk of lost or stolen cards
  • Reduce system downtime with minimal operator intervention 
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