National IDs

Governments must issue highly secure national ID cards to effectively minimize identity theft, manage immigration and maintain accurate civil registry data. Multi-application cards, e-government Ids and converged identity documents create complex security considerations.

With CCS integrated National ID card solutions, governments can cost-effectively issue national ID cards with the most advanced personalisation technologies available.

  • Work with an experienced, dedicated government team that has deployed highly secure national ID programs in more than 40 countries worldwide.
  • Avoid guesswork, minimize risk and achieve faster implementation with integrated components already designed and tested to work together.
  • Provide secure, high quality personalization using laser engraving and D2T2 or pigment ink retransfer technologies.
  • Provide the strongest defence against alteration with custom laminates that feature unique tamper evidence and unsurpassed adhesion. 
  • Contain costs with highly durable cards, precise quality control systems and reduced implementation, testing and configuration time.
  • Meet level 1, 2 and 3 inspection requirements with multi-layered national ID cards.

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