Government Solutions

Credit Card Systems Ireland Limited (CCS) has provided identification solutions for many Government projects over the past thirty years

We help Governments and integrators design and roll-out secure documents and robust digital identity solutions. Beyond the traditional enrolment, personalisation and issuance services, our eGovernment infrastructure makes us a leader in digital identity solutions.

CCS collaborates with Government agencies and integrators to solve complex identity card issues. Our solutions—which include best-in-class personalisation, identity management software, secure supplies and support—deliver exceptional security and fraud prevention for government ID card programs that involve national IDs, travel documents, driver’s licenses, smart IDs, healthcare IDs, e-government applications and electronic polling management. Our expertise ensures optimal efficiency and greatly reduces implementation risk.



Travel IDs & Passports

Maximize document security without inconveniencing travelers.


National IDs

Issue National ID cards with the most advanced personalisation technologies available.

Driver’s License

Conform to changing government standards while protecting against fraud, forgery and alterations.

National Healthcare

Securely capture and manage personal data for efficient identification and verification processes.

Government ID Cards for Employees

Increase security and meet FIPS 201 and interoperability standards.



Other Government Applications

Includes Electronic Benefits Transfer, Social Security, State ID, Transit, Voter ID, Law Enforcement ID and First Responder ID.

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