Entrusted Datacard Solutions

Behavior-Based Security for Customer Identities & Transactions

Financial institutions are faced with a dramatic rise in the number of malicious malware-based fraud attacks on their organization and loyal customers. Entrust provides more than a simple one-step means of protecting the world’s largest and most respected financial institutions.

Entrust’s multilayered identity-assurance solutions — comprised of strong authentication, fraud detection and transaction-signing — help the most trusted financial institutions solve today’s daunting security challenges.

Strong Authentication

Entrust’s multilayered authentication solution, Entrust IdentityGuard, drives significant value for financial institutions, banks, brokerage houses and investment firms. This approach not only helps manage all authentication needs, but also provides advanced capabilities unique to the market.

Powered by traditional authentication, mobile security, real-time fraud analytics and even transaction-signing, Entrust’s comprehensive authentication platform differentiates your clients’ security experience and delivers powerful new business functionality.

Fraud Detection

With a long-standing focus on the authentication and fraud market, Entrust helps globally trusted financial institutions fight fraud in real time with the most comprehensive fraud detection solution — Entrust TransactionGuard. It provides the deployment flexibility to monitor transactions across varied applications, user communities and multiple access channels.

Entrust TransactionGuard blends a number of approaches for an integrated framework to help financial institutions detect, defend and adapt to the fast-paced fraud landscape. The zero-touch approach enables rapid deployment into complex environments, no invasive integration with banking applications, and does not impact the end-user experience.

Mobile Security

Financial institutions may now leverage mobile devices to empower customers to better secure online transactions and defeat malicious fraud attacks that attempt to highjack customer accounts. This movement brings safe, convenient and always-in-hand solutions to secure digital identities and transactions across various environments, including desktop, mobile, IVR and more.

Available on Apple iOS, Google Android and BlackBerry, Entrust mobile security solutions help financial institutions authenticate mobile devices connecting to a network, encrypt and digitally sign documents, embed identity protection into mobile applications, defeat malware, and monitor transactions to detect fraudulent or unauthorized activity.

SSL Certs

Entrust’s proven, cost-effective digital certificates help financial institutions communicate to customers that their website is safe and secure. Whether it’s a basic SSL certificate or more advanced EV multi-domain SSL certificates, Entrust offers a comprehensive portfolio of today’s most-used digital certificates. And all are supported by Entrust’s world-class service.

FFIEC Compliance

The “FFIEC: Authentication in an Internet Banking Environment” guidance recognizes the significant advances in criminal threats — both in sophistication and sheer frequency.

Entrust provides a complimentary FFIEC compliance guide that offers guidelines to help stop advanced attacks that target the identities and transactions of consumers and business-banking customers. Entrust offers the guidance, expertise and proven solutions to help banks and financial institutions comply with the FFIEC’s latest requirements and recommendations.

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